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Hello! Welcome to TCS Track.

Steps to register in TCS Nextstep.

  • Log on to the

  • Click on the tab‘Register Now‘, and select category as ‘IT’

  • Complete and submit the registration form.

  • CT Ref ID will be displayed on the screen immediately on submission of the form. You will also receive your CT Ref ID and password on your registered email Id after the form has been submitted.

  • You will need to use this CT Ref ID and password to login to NextStep Portal and in all communication with TCS.

  • Now login and complete all the details asked by TCS..

  • Chairman's Message

    chairman message

    Dr. Madhumita Parida


    Education is a process of imparting knoweledge, developing the power of reasoning,judgement, wisdom, special skills and intellectual enrichment for a mature life.