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Basic science And Humanities

Overview :

The discipline of Humanities and Science at AIET, the best private engineering college 2009 in the state of Odisha, offers limitless opportunities for the dedicated faculty and students to explore the world around them. Through carefully crafted course, the students are specifically trained to gain deeper understanding of the subjects that transcend the department walls.

Courses :

Students in all the branches in B.Tech degree course are taught the common subjects like; Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Communicative English, Managerial Economics and Behavioural Science.

The department of Basic Sciences at AIET is well staffed and well equipped to meet this academic requirement to the best possible extent. Well designed Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab and a Language Lab comprises the infrastructural aspect of the department. The department also provides skill enhancement training on “Interpersonal Skills”, “Body Language”, “Personality Development”, “Etiquettes”, “How to face interview” etc.

The department is has maintain a record for fine academic results.